Performance Pouch

Performance Pouch

  • Ideal for concealing wireless transmitters on performing artists—under a costume or attached to a guitar strap
  • Removable elastic band comfortably conforms to the body in multiple configurations
  • Hook and loop fasteners located on the back of the pouch can be attached to the elastic band or guitar strap
  • Low-profile design minimizes bulk for easy concealment while offering ideal protection
  • Elastic band measures 2” wide x 32″ long; 32″ length stretches to 47″

From stage or film artists concealing the transmitter under their costumes to musicians attaching it to their guitar strap, the Wireless Performance Pouch™ offers the perfect solution. When wearing it under a costume, simply attach the pouch with the hook-and-loop attachment system to the removable elastic band. The band stretches comfortably around the body in many different configurations so there’s sure to be a position that’s just right for you. As it is made of soft, stretchable elastic that conforms to the contours of your body, it does not restrict movement or breath control which is extremely important to any performer. Attaching and adjusting is done very quickly and easily with the hook-and-loop fasteners located on both the pouch and the elastic band. When attaching the pouch to a guitar strap, the elastic band will not be used. You will simply attach the hook-and-loop fastener located on the back of the pouch to your guitar strap and you’re ready to play.

The neoprene pouch protects the transmitter from impact as well as moisture so you don’t have to worry about shorting out your gear during a performance. It gets hot under the lights—keep your wireless transmitter nice and dry with the Wireless Performance Pouch™. It gives you one less thing to worry about while you’re on stage so you can simply concentrate on your performance!


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