SOS Strap

SOS Strap

The Neotech™ SOS Strap (Saves On Shoulders) is the ultimate solution for increasing comfort when carrying a heavy load or for those simply wanting an upgrade from the standard gig bag or instrument case strap.

It’s often commented by user’s to be “the most comfortable strap ever worn”.

The combination of our unique internal control-stretch system and superior tailored design, effectively distributes weight and absorbs the shock of movement.

Creating unparalleled support and making bags or cases feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable (which also helps to eliminate shoulder or neck fatigue).


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  • Comfortably carries heavy gig bags or instrument cases
  • Unique internal control-stretch system makes loads feel up to 50% lighter
  • Fully adjustable for added versatility in sizing or preferred carrying style (shoulder or cross-body)
  • Made in the USA

For those wanting a more streamlined (straight) strap – the Regular is the solution.

Recommended Comfort Load*: Up to 13.6 kg
Tensile Strength Each Metal Swivel Hook Connector: 90.7kg
Carry Style: Shoulder
Connection Points: Two
Connection Type: Webbing or metal swivel hooks
Strap Length: Fully adjustable 50.8cm–172.7cm
Pad Dimensions: 7cm x 27.9cm
Webbing Width: 3.8cm
Quick Disconnects: No
Materials: Neoprene pad with non-slip surface, nylon webbing and metal swivel hooks
* Note: The weight of an item is often perceived as being much heavier than the actual weight. The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.


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