Alto Sax – Prodige

Alto Sax – Prodige

This year, we are pleased to present a new student instrument: the Prodige alto saxophone.

Designed with younger learners in mind, it combines
computer-assisted design with traditional techniques to
produce a light-weight, intuitive saxophone.

The PRODIGE alto saxophone completes a range of student instruments specially designed for learning to play, and to keep
up with you throughout your training.

Particular care has been taken to adapt the saxophone to the needs of young learners as well as beginners in music schools


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Equipped with a Prodige alto saxophone, young musicians
can give free rein to their budding musical inspiration, as
individuals or in groups. Its practical and sturdy case makes it easy to carry it everywhere while effectively protecting it from possible hard knocks and temperature fluctuations.

• New mouthpiece, neck, body, bow and bell in yellow
brass lacquer
• Leather pads with metal resonators
• Blue steel springs
• Ergonomic strap
• Swab cloth
• Mouthpiece, ligature and Cap
• Backpack case


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