Buffet Prodige Oboe – Simplified

Buffet Prodige Oboe – Simplified

My first Buffet Crampon

The Prodige BC4062 oboe features important technical, aesthetic and acoustic improvements that will allow beginners and experienced enthusiasts to progress quickly.

An intense period of research and development has unfolded into an easy-to-play instrument that facilitates mastery of the most dif cult low register.

The Prodige oboe allows for smooth transitions from one octave to another. it helps students mastering sound output and controlling the air ow, which is so important in the first years of study.

Oboists will be highly satis ed by the acoustic homogeneity of this oboe, which sound comes very close to that of a professional instrument.

Manufactured in Buffet Crampon’s German workshops, Prodige is not only reasonably priced but is also, quite simply, perfect for learning to play .


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BC4030 Simplified

Pads in cork and double skin, bell with B resonance


  • simplified Conservatoire
  • 2 octave keys, semi-automatic
  • double G#
  • double Eb
  • F resonance


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