The recorder reimagined.

Anti-microbial and easy to clean. Carbon-neutral and fully recyclable. All in a sustainable box for life.

pCorder: the classic classroom instrument designed by the beginner music experts.


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Why pCorder?

pCorder is blown by the winds of change.

Carbon-neutral, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain, pCorder sounds as sweet as it is sustainable. Designed and made in the UK, it is the perfect portable beginner instrument for young children.

All pInstruments utilise an industry-leading antimicrobial additive in key areas of the design, such as the tuning slides and mouthpieces.

Polygiene BioMaster is based on silver ion technology, a process that prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi, and other microorganisms on surfaces.

The additive is used during the manufacturing process of our 100% recyclable, robust pInstruments.

This innovative approach to hygiene is unique to our pInstrument range: no other plastic trumpet, trombone, cornet, or recorder uses this technology.


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