Oboe – American

Oboe – American

These reeds are cut according to the style here in the U.S. and have a very definite spine and tip.
They will be darker in tone.
Tested, adjusted and finished by a professional oboist
Designed for beginning students


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Chartier Reeds was established more than 70 years ago by R.C. Chartier. While playing professionally and making his own reeds, he realized there was a great need for quality hand finished and graded commercial double reeds.

After journeying to southern France and Spain, and securing sources for cane, which the company still uses today, Mr. Chartier established “Chartier Reeds” and began supplying the music industry with fully guaranteed, hand finished oboe and bassoon reeds.

Since 1976, the company has been owned and operated by Gregg Chartier, the eldest son. He has expanded the company to include synthetic double reeds along with supplying vast amounts of raw materials and partially finished goods to the reed making industry. The company now has state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a conscientious work force, which will assure the quality of Chartier Reeds is strictly maintained.

Although the company has grown exponentially, every double reed is still hand finished and checked for correct response and tonal quality.


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