The electronic wind instrument: Expand your sound palette, with headphones or amplified.

Sylphyo is an electronic wind instrument that reproduces the feeling of an acoustic wind instrument, created and designed by Aodyo Instruments in France. 

Like an acoustic wind instrument, it is played by blowing into a mouthpiece and selecting notes using keys on the front of the instrument. Sylphyo is also sensitive to your movements and the way you touch it. It has incredible expressiveness!

Sylphyo is a standalone instrument!

Built-in synthesizer

The Sylphyo and its Link receiver both have the new Aodyo synth board under the hood. With it, you don’t need additional hardware or software anymore. It offers a wide range of high-quality sounds that are perfectly tailored to the Sylphyo and all its expressive controls.

Sound universes

We just call them “sounds”, but they’re much more than simple presets. Each one of them is a vast sound universe: while playing, you can steer your timbre and tone through a rich multi-dimensional space of filters, effects, and morphings. With all these modulations combined, each sonic universe offers a wide range of extremely diverse sound variations.