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Vandoren Optiumu, MO, Leather & Klassic Ligatures

Optimum Lig and Cap
Quite possibly one of the most versatile ligatures on the market, Vandorenís Optimum ligature series is the ultimate in ease and adjustability.

The three different pressure plates allow the musician to adjust the feel, resistance and sound of their set up in subtle yet discernable ways, giving the musician the ultimate freedom of expression.

The all-new M/O ligature series combines beauty, efficiency and function in one simple, yet effective design.

The M/O series combines the light weight and elegant design of the original Masters series with the symmetrical tightening and speed of the Optimum series, resulting in a beautiful ligature that works beautifully.

Thatís Vandorenís M/O.

Ligature features top-mounted symmetrically tightening screw with a choice of finish. Comes with plastic cap.

Leather Lig
The Leather series is the ideal marriage of tradition and innovation.

In addition to the time-tested leather construction, the Leather series features three interchangeable plates that give the musician a myriad of possibilities. Put craftsmanship and technology at your disposal.

Klassic Lig
The Klassik ligature series is an updated version of an old idea.

This thin woven string ligature has two independent knots that can tightened or loosened to achieve exactly the color and resistance desired.

For the ultimate in customizable ligatures, check out the Klassik series from Vandoren.